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[ NNSquad ] Flood of concerns about Google's rejecting of self-signed certificates

Flood of concerns about Google's rejecting of self-signed certificates
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Yesterday, in "Unfortunate move by Google: Rejecting self-signed
certificates" ( http://j.mp/U72vhe [NNSquad] ) I expressed concerns,
both related to apparent lack of obvious prior notification and the
need for the action in the first place, regarding Google reportedly
suddenly refusing to accept self-signed certificates for Gmail
connections to external POP mail servers.

This apparently triggered a flood of queries to me, asking if I knew if a
similar policy (suddenly implemented or not) might be applied by Google
to email transiting SMTP "STARTTLS" encrypted connections (the most commonly
used MTA [Message Transfer Agent] mail encryption system), a large proportion
of which tend to be enabled via self-signed certificates.

Unfortunately, at this point, I don't know.  But it is a matter of
significant concern, since the ability of mail to be at least modestly
secure from intermediate snooping, or in some configurations delivered
at all, would depend on the answer.

I am attempting to learn more about Google's intentions regarding this
entire area.

More information as available.  Take care, all.

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