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[ NNSquad ] As predicted -- .xxx TLD is all about money, not "helping the Net"

As predicted -- .xxx TLD is all about money, not "helping the Net"

http://j.mp/TZWBfx  (Guardian)

   "Instead, according to a new analysis by MetaCert, a web-blocking
    firm, the .xxx domains contain just 0.56% of the sites that it has
    to block to create a "clean" web - while the original .com, .net,
    and .org domains contain 83.32%, 8.13% and 0.9% of the relevant
    domains respectively, adding up to 92.35% of the total that it
    blocks.  Meanwhile a surprisingly high number of pornography sites
    - around 26% - are located in the Netherlands, and the countrywide
    .nl suffix hosts 2.41% of the pornography found by the company ...
    Major companies have questioned the benefits of .xxx, feeling it
    was necessary to preserve their brand by defensively buying .xxx
    domains and not using them. Meanwhile pornography businesses have
    been less quick to buy them because they would be too easy to
    filter out. Many search engines automatically filter out searches
    containing ".xxx" on their default "safe" settings."

 - - -

As predicted ... the .xxx gTLD, like most of the new gTLDs coming from
ICANN, are really almost entirely about extorting money via protective

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