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[ NNSquad ] Re: [ PFIR ] As predicted -- .xxx TLD is all about money, not "helping the Net"

Forwarded with permission.

----- Forwarded message from Mark Shaw [email suppressed by request] -----

Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 18:21:03 +0000
From: Mark Shaw [ ]
Subject: Re: [ PFIR ] As predicted -- .xxx TLD is all about money, not
	"helping the Net"
To: lauren@vortex.com

On 20 Dec 2012, at 06:04, PFIR (People For Internet Responsibility)
Announcement List wrote:
> As predicted ... the .xxx gTLD, like most of the new gTLDs coming from
> ICANN, are really almost entirely about extorting money via protective
> registrations.

Sadly Nominet is proposing to do the same with direct.uk, allowing new
registrations directly under .uk at four times the cost without giving
existing co.uk registrants priority.


This comes just months after raising 3m auctioning off reserved two
letter co.uk domains as supposedly the shortest available.

Dressing up direct .uk registrations as improving security is a
deceptive tactic to encourage support for a scheme that has been
rejected in the past, and only serves to undermine trust in existing
co.uk registrations. Of course, that means all the more registrations
at quadruple the price for direct.uk.

The DNS was supposed to be a simple directory service, but the domain
industry has turned it into a confusing mess aimed at extracting as
much money as possible without thought for the end user. It is
depressing that a system that had such noble beginnings has been
reduced to this.


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