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[ NNSquad ] NRA gun politics invading Wikipedia?

NRA gun politics invading Wikipedia?

http://j.mp/10jWRN4  (The Atlantic)

     James Fallows writes:
     Last week I argued that people who want to reduce gun carnage should
     start talking about "gun safety," rather than "gun control." The newly
     reinforced no-compromise position of Wayne LaPierre and the NRA may
     make the distinction moot. But for those gun-owners who recognize that
     there is a problem to be solved -- and that the solution might involve
     something more than all school teachers carrying guns to work -- and
     emphasis on safety rather than control might conceivably do some good.
     A reader who was trained as a physician and works as an epidemiologist
     tried to put this policy into effect. He started editing the Wikipedia
     page on "gun safety" to reflect this broader view. Here's what
     happened ...

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