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[ NNSquad ] FCC Hires New Bandwidth Cap Loving Chief Economist, linked to ISP industry

FCC Hires New Bandwidth Cap Loving Chief Economist, linked to ISP industry

http://j.mp/Ur2WTT  (DSL Reports)

    Except Wildman just got done penning a National Cable &
    Telecommunications Association paper supporting the industry's use of
    punitive caps and costly per-byte overages. "...The effects of
    well-designed [usage-based pricing] plans on consumers are likely to
    be beneficial, as are the effects of UBP on investments in the
    broadband infrastructure," insisted Wildman in the cable industry
    sponsored paper (pdf).  That claim runs contrary to the facts on the
    ground. Wildman only has to ask Canadian broadband customers in our
    forums, who suffer from the most egregious caps and overages in the
    world, just how much the pricing model has "benefited" them.

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