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[ NNSquad ] Facebook: Graph Search Unintended Consequences // Recycling Likes

Facebook Graph Search Is A Disruptive Minefield Of Unintended Consequences

http://j.mp/10Gwf9w  (Forbes)

    The very name, Graph Search, shows that Facebook is enthralled with
    its own internal workings in a way that does not really connect with
    its users. As much as the company uses the term "social graph," it is
    only really developers who think about things in those terms. For
    users, this is "social search," plain and simple.  Similarly, at the
    press conference, Zuckerberg and his engineers talked with obvious
    pride at making the search of the social graph possible. It is, indeed
    a tough problem that they have apparently solved, but is it the
    problem that most users need them to solve most?

 - - -

Facebook Is Recycling Your Likes To Promote Stories You've Never Seen
To All Your Friends

http://j.mp/10Gwbqp  (Forbes)

     If Facebook's new Graph Search feature has you thinking a little harder
     about what you've "liked" for fear that an ironic dalliance in years
     past could come back to embarrass you, here's one more thing to worry
     about. Facebook is now recycling users Likes and using them to promote
     "Related Posts" in the news feeds of the user's friends. And one more
     thing, the users themselves have possibly never seen the story, liked
     the story or even know that it is being promoted in their name.

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