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[ NNSquad ] Examples of why Facebook's Graph Search is a potential privacy disaster

Examples of why Facebook's Graph Search is a potential privacy disaster

http://j.mp/11RQlOu  (Slate)

    That's not even the scariest one, Scott told me in an email. "There's
    one I'm not putting online (or even mentioning to journalists),
    because it could be abused for immediate and worrying harm by
    sociopathic Internet users," he said. He acknowledges others that he
    has posted could easily be harmful as well, but doubts he's giving any
    ideas to repressive regimes: "I'd bet money they've already thought of
    it and have already done those searches," he explains in a short FAQ.

 - - -

I view this as potentially a privacy disaster.  We know that
Facebook's privacy settings are confusing and constantly mutating, and
that vast numbers of users misunderstand them.  Worse -- and this is
key -- many people may have chosen public settings because at the time
there was no effective mechanism for anyone to conduct these kinds of
searches.  This is where Facebook has erred enormously.  Their new
Graph Search capability changes the effective meaning of public
Facebook data in a *qualitative manner* that is decidedly
privacy-negative, and in some cases decidedly dangerous.  Very

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