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[ NNSquad ] Bogus charges re Google and Safari cookies back again -- this time in UK

Bogus charges re Google and Safari cookies back again -- this time in UK

http://j.mp/WJhzkK  (BBC)

   "A group of Apple's Safari web browser users has launched a campaign
    against Google over privacy concerns.  They claim that Google bypassed
    Safari's security settings to install cookies which tracked their
    movements on the internet."

 - - -

OK now, read my lips!  These are the same old bogus charges as before.
Nobody was harmed, the procedure was actually sanctioned by Safari
developers, and what we're seeing are inappropriate, opportunist
attempts to fleece Google over actions they took to avoid breaking the
user experience!  See: "Google, Safari, and a Clamor of Cookie
Confusion": http://j.mp/xGZRcT (Lauren's Blog).

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