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[ NNSquad ] Administrivia: Typos in quoted texts

Administrivia: Typos in quoted texts

A quick note about quoted text associated with link references in
these messages.  As you probably know, the text block that is
*indented* after links is the text I'm quoting, almost always via
copy/paste.  I do not change that text except to include multiple
excerpts (separated by "...") or when necessary to include bracketed
reference notes or flags.  In particular, I don't change words or
spelling, so when you see typos, etc. in there they are part of the
original text (as happened with a piece earlier today, with "disavow"
misspelled).  I try to catch those to insert a [sic], but I really
don't have time to proofread everyone else's texts in detail.  So when
you see these types of errors, sending me notes about them is useless,
but you might want to contact the original authors at the links so
that they can make appropriate corrections.  Thanks.

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