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[ NNSquad ] Google pays France to end dispute -- for now

Google pays France to end dispute -- for now

http://j.mp/VBcj3c  (NDTV)

   "Google and France signed an agreement on Friday resolving a dispute
    with French news websites that sees the US Internet search giant
    setting up a 60 million euro fund to help old media adapt to the
    digital age."

 - - -

This appears to be a reasonable course for now.  But one is forced to
wonder if French media and the French government will return to their
original unreasonable demands once this 60M euro fund is exhausted.  I
personally wouldn't bet against this possibility.  Would you?  And of
course, one could posit that this will open the floodgates for all
sorts of demands from sites all over the world to be paid to be
searched, linked to, or otherwise be publicly accessible on the Web.
Ultimately, the loser in all this one way or another is likely to be
the global community of Internet users.

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