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[ NNSquad ] More government hypocrisy on "do not track"

More government hypocrisy on "do not track"

F.T.C. Suggests Privacy Guidelines for Mobile Apps

http://j.mp/Vubh7p  (New York Times)

    "In a strong move to protect the privacy of Americans as they use the
     Internet on their smartphones and tablets, the Federal Trade
     Commission on Friday said the mobile industry should include a
     do-not-track feature in software and apps and take other steps to
     safeguard personal information."

 - - -

Government hypocrisy on this score is breathtaking.  Apps data
collection to provide ads and such has never hurt anyone.  Nobody.
Most of these systems jump through hoops to keep data anonymized and
compartmented.  Meanwhile, governments demand virtually unfettered
access to data from confiscated cell phones, and unlimited access to
carrier-based cell phone location data -- with governments also
demanding associated data retention -- and more.  Much of this "do not
track" push is literally a smokescreen to divert attention from how
governments actively abuse cell phone data.

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