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[ NNSquad ] Telecom giants line up to fight FCC's public Wi-Fi proposal

Telecom giants line up to fight FCC's public Wi-Fi proposal

http://j.mp/XDfqqR  (Washington Post)

   "The proposal from the Federal Communications Commission has rattled
    the $178 billion wireless industry, which has launched a fierce
    lobbying effort to persuade policymakers to reconsider the idea,
    analysts say. That has been countered by an equally intense campaign
    from Google, Microsoft and other tech giants who say a free-for-all
    WiFi service would spark an explosion of innovations and devices that
    would benefit most Americans, especially the poor."

 - - -

It's a great idea, so you can bet that the dominant ISPs and cell
carriers will throw everything they can into stopping it, first via
their in-pocket politicians, then all the way to the Supreme Court if
necessary. I should add, it is indeed unclear if television
broadcasters will willingly hand back the key spectrum.

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