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[ NNSquad ] Snowden reportedly headed to Venezuela via Havana and Moscow

Snowden reportedly headed to Venezuela via Havana and Moscow

May 29, 2013: "The fall of the last bastion of free speech in Venezuela"

http://j.mp/1a4pJxL  (FP)

   "For years, Venezuela's government has dodged accusations that it does
    not protect freedom of speech. Critics usually point to the frequent
    use of public airwaves to broadcast government propaganda, as well as
    the many TV and radio stations the government has shut down for
    playing critical content. The government usually responds by citing
    the continued operation of Globovisin, a sharply critical all-news
    station (or rather, the only critical news station). Chavistas claim
    that its survival throughout the Chvez era refutes any allegations of
    censorship.  But the government will have to find another weak alibi.
    As of the last few days, Globovisin's critical presentation of the
    news feels like a thing of the past."

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