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[ NNSquad ] Sacrebleu! - Massive French communications surveillance revealed!

Sacrebleu! - Massive French communications surveillance revealed!

http://j.mp/169Zv6o  (New York Times)

   "Days after President Franois Hollande sternly told the United States
    to stop spying on its allies, the newspaper Le Monde disclosed on
    Thursday that France has its own large program of data collection,
    which sweeps up nearly all the data transmissions, including telephone
    calls, e-mails and social media activity, that come in and out of
    France.  Le Monde reported that the General Directorate for External
    Security does the same kind of data collection as the American
    National Security Agency and the British GCHQ, but does so without
    clear legal authority."

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Reference: "False Indignation and Spy vs. Spy": http://j.mp/12AalAi (Lauren's Blog)

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