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[ NNSquad ] Some reality about the much hyped "Android Master Key" bug

Some reality about the much hyped "Android Master Key" bug

http://j.mp/12iZ8Ec  (Android Central)

This is a particularly good article talking some reality about the now
much hyped Android Master Key bug (actually, an APK signing security
bug). In short, this is a genuine problem, but if you download your
apps from Google Play, and if you're going to use other sources (e.g.
via sideloading) use care to stick with known publishers you trust,
you'll likely be just fine. On the other hand, if you routinely load
the cracked versions of non-free apps, you're asking for trouble --
with or without this bug. A reminder that app security is an evolving
system, and users still have responsibility to use common sense in
what they install.

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