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[ NNSquad ] Germany's communications surveillance (from Spiegel Online)

Germany's communications surveillance (from Spiegel Online)

http://j.mp/13ufqBE (Spiegel)

    "NSA, for example, provides "analysis tools" for the BND's [German
     Foreign Intelligence] signals monitoring of foreign data streams
     that travel through Germany. Among the BND's focuses are the
     Middle East route through which data packets from crisis regions
     travel. In total, SPIEGEL reported that the BND pulls data from
     five different nodes that are then analyzed at the foreign
     intelligence service's headquarters in Pullach near Munich.  BND
     head Gerhard Schindler confirmed the partnership during a meeting
     with members of the German parliament's control committee for
     intelligence issues."

 - - -

And that's only Germany's *external* comm monitoring. We've already discussed
BND's massive internal monitoring of people's communications inside Germany.
Reference: "False Indignation and Spy vs. Spy" - http://j.mp/12AalAi 
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