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[ NNSquad ] The reported Microsoft/Google/Facebook system to detect child abuse images

The reported Microsoft/Google/Facebook system to detect child abuse images

http://j.mp/12sWj4Z  (Business Insider)

    "Major companies, including Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Twitter,
     are in secret discussions to create a system that could banish child
     abuse images from the web."

 - - -

This will likely do some good, but of course will not eradicate such
images from the Web as suggested by the article.  Purveyors of such
materials will move deeply to the darknet and images will be encrypted
to prevent such hashing systems from locating them.  Casual viewers
may be disrupted -- but the hard core fans of such items will likely
only be inconvenienced.  And ironically, as such materials move more
deeply underground, they may become much harder for authorities to
track at all.

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