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[ NNSquad ] NSA leaks likely scuttle "cyberdefense" plans

NSA leaks likely scuttle "cyberdefense" plans

http://j.mp/16Nxsxx  (New York Times)

    Even while rapidly expanding its electronic surveillance around the
    world, the National Security Agency has lobbied inside the government
    to deploy the equivalent of a "Star Wars" defense for America's
    computer networks, designed to intercept cyberattacks before they
    could cripple power plants, banks or financial markets.  But
    administration officials say the plan, championed by Gen. Keith B.
    Alexander, the director of the National Security Agency and head of
    the Pentagon's Cyber Command, has virtually no chance of moving
    forward given the backlash against the N.S.A. over the recent
    disclosures about its surveillance programs

 - - -

While we've discussed before the ways in which the
cyberscare-industrial complex has blown these issues out of
proportion for their own enrichment and power grabs (follow the
money!), we must also acknowledge that cyberattacks are real and
potentially dangerous, and while efforts to convince private firms to
voluntarily allow DOD/NSA to scan their networks were always highly
problematic, we must still deal somehow with the genuine threats that
do actually exist.

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