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[ NNSquad ] Telco Astroturfing Or Elaborate Double-Reverse Sabotage Fakeout? You Decide!

Telco Astroturfing Or Elaborate Double-Reverse Sabotage Fakeout? You Decide!

http://j.mp/1btmUVf  (Techdirt)

   "So, in the interest of "fairness," I thought I'd present the two
    competing theories side by side, and let the readers decide which one
    makes more sense. For some background, Bennett has been a long time
    denier of any problems with US broadband, insisting that it's been
    highly competitive and super fast and innovative for years and years.
    He works for ITIF, which was among those who fought hardest against
    net neutrality rules and was the "think tank" behind the original plan
    that turned into SOPA. When the MPAA was desperately seeking tech
    experts who would support SOPA, the only ones they turned up all had
    connections to ITIF (and weren't particularly experts on technology
    anyway). That gives you a hint of ITIF's standard operating
    procedures. More recently, Bennett co-authored a report claiming that
    US broadband was highly competitive and working wonderfully -- a
    report that was discredited thoroughly and repeatedly by a variety of
    experts, making it a bit of a laughing stock." - Mike Masnick

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I will, with more than a modicum of self-restraint, refrain from 
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