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[ NNSquad ] "Yes, Gmail users have an expectation of privacy"

Yes, Gmail users have an expectation of privacy

http://j.mp/14LV9p2  (Verge)

    This line has been widely misinterpreted to make it seem like Google
    is saying Gmail users have no expectation of privacy when they use
    Gmail, and the outrage is thick. Consumer Watchdog put out a press
    release calling the line a "stunning admission" that "Google has
    finally admitted they don't respect privacy." And as the story's
    circulated through the media, the comparisons to Edward Snowden,
    PRISM, and the NSA are flying fast and furious. Which is exactly what
    the personal-injury lawyers who filed the case seem to want ...
    Unfortunately for outrage junkies, there's just nothing here. First of
    all, Google's argument isn't even about Gmail users, who are covered
    by Google's unified privacy policy. Google's argument is about
    non-Gmail users who haven't signed Google's terms of service. It's
    right there in black and white - the heading for the section literally
    starts with the words "The Non-Gmail Plaintiffs."

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