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[ NNSquad ] Washington Post on newly declassified FISA opinion

Washington Post on newly declassified FISA opinion

http://j.mp/15arS7F  (Washington Post)
   "The National Security Agency unlawfully gathered as many as tens of
    thousands of e-mails and other electronic communications between
    Americans as part of a now-discontinued collection program, according
    to a 2011 secret court opinion.  The 86-page opinion, which was
    declassified by U.S. intelligence officials Wednesday, explains why
    the chief judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruled
    the collection method unconstitutional ... But in practice, the NSA
    was unable to filter out the communications between Americans ...
    Officials stressed that it was the NSA that brought the collection
    method to the court's attention as part of its regular reporting

 - - -

The actual numbers are quite interesting, since they indicate that
across the entire program, incorrectly gathered emails/comms numbered
well less than 200/day on average.

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