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[ NNSquad ] "Tech pioneer Vint Cerf on the age of context and why you can't be a citizen of the Internet"

"Tech pioneer Vint Cerf on the age of context and why you can't be a
citizen of the Internet"

http://j.mp/1fp12KL  (The Next Web)

     However, Cerf isn't keen to entertain the idea that the Internet and
     our activities on it should exist outside of traditional nation state
     structures, even if we sometimes feel that they do.

     "I think it's attractive to have this certain fantasy that the
     virtual world that we live in is somehow hovering over the real
     world and isn't connected to it. But the fact of the matter is
     that the way we create that virtual world is with pieces of
     equipment, hardware and software that exist in the real world. So
     we realize the virtual world in various geographic locations. So
     there is certain inescapable jurisdiction associated with that.

     "So I think we should be a little careful about fooling ourselves that
     there isn't the real world out there that has certain constraints and
     restrictions on it."

  - - -

Yep.  You don't want to believe that nation-states still ultimately
control?  Go ahead and break some laws, and see which entity throws
you shackled into a cell.

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