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[ NNSquad ] Big surprise: Ex-FCC chief defends the cable industry

Big surprise: Ex-FCC chief defends the cable industry

http://j.mp/15n9Ge5  (L.A. Times)

   "The fact is that America is falling behind the rest of the world in
    broadband "choice, availability, and quality." The digital divide
    between our rich and poor is getting wider. The reason is lax
    regulation by the agency Powell headed for more than four years before
    finding his calling as a flack for the industry he was supposed to be
    regulating.  He gives the game away in his letter by pointing out that
    we've achieved our mediocre record "without the massive taxpayer
    subsidies that financed broadband networks in Europe and Asia." Right.
    His clients don't want the government to compete with them, but they
    don't want to spend the money to make the U.S. first in the world with
    the fastest and most accessible Internet service."

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