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[ NNSquad ] Vint Cerf: an open, unregulated internet is vital to our future

Vint Cerf: an open, unregulated internet is vital to our future

http://j.mp/15LmqFA  (Memeburn)

    "Perhaps the most visible example of this is Google's efforts at using
     TV whitespaces to provide connectivity, particularly in Africa. It's
     great technology with the potential to bring high-speed internet to
     millions of people who didn't have it before, but without government
     and industry approval it will never go beyond a few select pilot
     projects.  That's not to knock government entirely though, as it can
     play a positive role in online and technology innovation. "Long term
     high-risk funding from government is also important for innovation,"
     says Cerf, pointing out that his own early work on the internet
     wouldn't have happened without government funding.  He also reckons
     that innovators can use government aid to break down regulatory
     barriers. Once again turning to his own career experiences, he says
     that convincing the government to let him plug its email system into
     the internet paved the way for the modern ISP."

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