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[ NNSquad ] House GOP says "No net neutrality or we'll stop the government!"

House GOP says "No net neutrality or we'll stop the government!"

http://j.mp/18tMeIL  (Register)

    "... including "a one year delay of Obamacare, Paul Ryan's tax reform, the
     Keystone XL pipeline, partial repeal of the Clean Air Act, partial
     repeal of bank regulation legislation, Medicare cuts, cuts in several
     anti-poverty programs, making it harder to launch medical malpractice
     lawsuits, more drilling on federal land, blocking net neutrality, and
     a suite of changes designed to make it harder for regulatory agencies
     to crack the whip."

 - - -

Presumably also on the demand list: Chaining the poor to treadmills at
workhouses (a la "Oliver Twist") and sending the resulting overworked
corpses to be ground up into food crackers (a la "Soylent Green").

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