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[ NNSquad ] TIME: "Google Unveils Technology Tools for Digital Rebels"

TIME: "Google Unveils Technology Tools for Digital Rebels

http://j.mp/1a2Irq6  (Time)

    The most ambitious product launch is uProxy, a new Web browser
    extension that uses peer-to-peer technology to let people around the
    world provide each other with a trusted Internet connection. This
    product is designed to protect the Internet connection of users in,
    say, Iran, from state surveillance or filtering. Google Ideas is
    providing funding and technical assistance for uProxy, which was
    developed by researchers at the University of Washington and Brave New
    Software.  "If you look at existing proxy tools today, as soon as
    they're effective for dissidents, the government finds out about them
    and either blocks them or infiltrates them," says Cohen. "Every
    dissident we know in every repressive society has friends outside the
    country whom they know and trust. What if those trusted friends could
    unblock the access in those repressive societies by sharing their own
    access? That was the problem we tried to solve."  UProxy allows users
    in the U.S. to give their trusted friends in Iran-people they might
    already be emailing or chatting with-access to the open U.S. Internet.
    "The user in Iran can get unfiltered access to the Internet that's
    completely uncensored and will look just like it does in the U.S.,"
    says Cohen. "It's completely encrypted and there's no way for the
    government to detect what's happening because it just looks like voice
    traffic or chat traffic. We wanted to build a proxy service that
    builds on top of trusted relationships that already exist."

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