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[ NNSquad ] Index on Censorship: Don't Gerrymander the Internet

Index on Censorship: Don't Gerrymander the Internet

http://j.mp/1aYPqPJ  (Index on Censorship)

   "The calls for greater localization of data are not new, but the recent
    efforts of Brazil's President, Dilma Rouseff, to protect Brazilians
    from NSA spying reflected the view of many countries suddenly faced
    with a new threat to the privacy of the communications of their
    citizens. Rouseff has been an advocate for internet freedom, so
    undoubtedly her proposal is well intentioned, though the potential
    unintended repercussions are alarming.  First, it's important to
    consider the technical reasons why data location requirements are a
    really bad idea. The Internet developed in a widely organic manner,
    creating a network that allowed data to flow from all corners of the
    world - regardless of political boundaries, residing everywhere and
    nowhere at the same time. This has helped increase the resilience of
    the internet and it has promoted significant efficiencies in data
    flow. As is, the network routes around damage, and data can be
    wherever it best makes sense and take an optimal route for delivery."

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