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[ NNSquad ] Hangout On Air: "A War on Internet Comments? (Or Not?)"

Hangout On Air: "A War on Internet Comments? (Or Not?)"

http://j.mp/HMN3oc  (Google+)

Hangout On Air - Public comments on the Internet date back to the dawn
of its ancestor ARPANET. But today we're seeing a variety of forces
changing the dynamics in complicated ways. Perceived comment abuses
have caused some sites (such as Facebook) to promote systems that
attempt to push a "single identity" for users regardless of what sites
and what topics they're commenting upon. Other systems use algorithmic
means to try "sanitize" comments, with a variety of effects. Still
others -- like the controversial new YouTube/Google+ comments
integration -- are attempting to combine different user communities
into a unified comment flow. Some major sites have dropped comments
entirely. What does this all mean for the dynamism of sites, for
individual free speech decisions, and of course for the right of sites
to administer their offerings as they feel to be most appropriate.
Let's talk about the global world of comments -- where we are, where
we're going, where we can find common ground -- and more. And let's
keep it civil, please! Energetic discussion is welcome -- rants won't

This Hangout On Air will be recorded for YouTube. It is currently
scheduled for 7 PM PST this evening. It is subject to cancellation or
rescheduling as required. Please do not indicate YES for this event
unless you intend to fully participate (not just viewing).  Thanks
very much!

Be seeing you.

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