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[ NNSquad ] Petition - Reform ECPA: Tell the Government to Get a Warrant

Petition - Reform ECPA: Tell the Government to Get a Warrant 

Regular readers know that I've expressed considerable skepticism
regarding the efficacy of Internet petitions in general, and of the
White House We the People site in particular.

But a current petition asking for reform of the more than quarter of a
century old ECPA (Electronic Communications Privacy Act) -- a law
we've talked about many times in the past -- is one I urge signing.

While I don't realistically expect the White House to change its
position on ECPA based on this petition (which of course has been the
traditional position of all administrations since the law's enactment)
I do feel it is extremely important to get our voices on the record
about the critical need to bring the ECPA into the 21st century with
appropriate protections for all of our online data, without the sorts
of bizarre and dangerous exceptions that are part and parcel of the
existing ECPA.

These reforms are widely supported throughout the Internet services
industry. Google is directly encouraging signups via:


The original link to the petition is:


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