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[ NNSquad ] LG Smart TV found sending viewing info to LG, tells customer "live with it"

LG Smart TV found sending viewing info to LG, tells customer "live with it"

http://j.mp/1eh9htS (Doctor Beet)

    This information appears to be sent back unencrypted and in the
    clear to LG every time you change channel, even if you have gone
    to the trouble of changing the setting above to switch collection
    of viewing information off ... It would easily be possible to
    infer the presence of adult content or files that had been
    downloaded from file sharing sites. My wife was shocked to see our
    children's names being transmitted in the name of a Christmas
    video file that we had watched from USB ... "Further to our
    previous email to yourself, we have escalated the issues you
    reported to LG's UK Head Office.  The advice we have been given is
    that unfortunately as you accepted the Terms and Conditions on
    your TV, your concerns would be best directed to the retailer.  We
    understand you feel you should have been made aware of these T's
    and C's at the point of sale, and for obvious reasons LG are
    unable to pass comment on their actions."

 - - -
LG customer service tells the guy to "complain to your retailer." Let's
see how long this attitude stands!

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