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[ NNSquad ] Web Companies Slam Ruling In Libel Case [as well they should]

Web Companies Slam Ruling In Libel Case [as well they should]

http://j.mp/1bXYuEZ  (Mediapost)

    The Web companies say in their papers that Bertelsman interpreted the
    Communications Decency Act too narrowly. "Virtually every website
    includes features that invite and encourage users to enter particular
    types of content," the companies argue. "A site devoted to reviews of
    restaurants or other businesses might well have specific language
    explaining the value and importance readers place on 'negative'
    reviews and soliciting users to submit details of their negative
    experiences with a business."  The companies add that all Web sites
    that invite negative reviews or contents could lose their immunity for
    libel, under Bertelsman's view of the law.

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