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[ NNSquad ] Jury: Newegg infringes Spangenberg patent, must pay $2.3 million

Jury: Newegg infringes Spangenberg patent, must pay $2.3 million


    "Newegg, an online retailer that has made a name for itself fighting
     the non-practicing patent holders sometimes called "patent trolls,"
     sits on the losing end of a lawsuit tonight. An eight-person jury came
     back shortly after 7:00pm and found that the company infringed all
     four asserted claims of a patent owned by TQP Development, a company
     owned by patent enforcement expert Erich Spangenberg.  The jury also
     found that the patent was valid, apparently rejecting arguments by
     famed cryptographer Whitfield Diffie. Diffie took the stand on Friday
     to argue on behalf of Newegg and against the patent."

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Insanity. Idiocy.

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