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[ NNSquad ] Heavy metal shows piracy is not killing music, offers new business model

Heavy metal shows piracy is not killing music, offers new business model

http://j.mp/1eMVnjA  (Death Metal Underground)

   "Despite being extensively pirated worldwide, Iron Maiden have managed
    to put themselves in the 10-20m for 2012. This means that despite the
    growing popularity of the band on social media, and the extensive and
    pervasive torrent downloading of the band's music, books and movies,
    the band is turning a profit. This is in defiance of the past business
    model, and the idea that piracy is killing music. In fact, piracy
    seems to be saving music in Iron Maiden's case."

 - - -

I'm pretty sure this is both the first article I've read or shared
from "Death Metal Underground."

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