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[ NNSquad ] How newspapers wrote about the Internet in 1988

How newspapers wrote about the Internet in 1988

http://j.mp/18iENGC  (Gizmodo)

     That's Harvard astronomer-turned-computer expert Clifford Stoll,
     quoted in the November 20, 1988 edition of the Washington Post. And
     yes, that's the same Cliff Stoll who just a few years later would
     proclaim that the internet's potential to transform the way we live
     was largely just a bunch of hype.  Barton Gellman's 1988 article about
     the internet for the Post is quite a fascinating artifact. We see the
     introduction of terms that hadn't yet entered the national lexicon,
     such as "snail mail," "virus," and "netiquette." And we see the writer
     slowly introducing the public to the idea that this network could be
     something important to their lives in the future.

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