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[ NNSquad ] The Rise and Fall of Australia's $44 Billion Broadband Project

The Rise and Fall of Australia's $44 Billion Broadband Project

http://j.mp/IG8QxO  (IEEE Spectrum)

    "Such issues are not unique to Australia. Enthusiasm for near-universal
     broadband was once widespread, and it is still being pursued in the
     countries mentioned above, among others. But the ardor has cooled in
     recent years as legislators in many parts of the world move to cut
     government spending. Unfortunately, as is so often the case with
     technology, the public debate is beset by misunderstanding,
     misinformation, and a general lack of technical knowledge. A rare
     opportunity for growth and development is about to be lost, and
     disappointingly few people fully grasp the implications of that loss."

 - - -

There are also reports today that New Zealand's broadband project may also
be in finanical and other trouble.

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