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[ NNSquad ] Sprint planning to buy T-Mobile?

Sprint planning to buy T-Mobile?

http://j.mp/1hRSilT  (The Verge)

   "That said, such a merger would likely face a huge uphill
    regulatory battle; antitrust authorities could be concerned that
    the elimination of a fourth large nationwide wireless operator
    could be anticompetitive. It's been nearly two years since AT&T
    gave up on its plans to purchase T-Mobile, a potential deal that
    had been fraught with difficulty as the FCC decided that the
    merger was not in the public interest.  If Sprint did manage to
    purchase T-Mobile, it would have a combined postpaid subscriber
    base of about 53 million customers - still trailing far behind
    AT&T and Verizon. That might make regulators more likely to let
    the deal pass, but there's little doubt Sprint should gear up for
    a battle if it wants to make this purchase."

 - - -

Could happen, though there are several reasons to be at least skeptical.

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