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[ NNSquad ] Hypocritical France vastly expands its spying system

Hypocritical France vastly expands its spying system

http://j.mp/1hTZSws  (New York Times)

    "For all their indignation last summer, when the scope of the United
     States' mass data collection began to be made public, the French are
     hardly innocents in the realm of electronic surveillance. Within days
     of the reports about the National Security Agency's activities, it was
     revealed that French intelligence services operated a similar system,
     with similarly minimal oversight.  And last week, with little public
     debate, the legislature approved a law that critics feared would
     markedly expand electronic surveillance of French residents and
     businesses.  The provision, quietly passed as part of a routine
     military spending bill, defines the conditions under which
     intelligence agencies may gain access to or record telephone
     conversations, emails, Internet activity, personal location data and
     other electronic communications.  The law provides for no judicial
     oversight and allows electronic surveillance for a broad range of
     purposes ..."

 - - -

Like I've been saying since day one. All the countries pointing their
fingers at the U.S. -- Hypocrites all.

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