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[ NNSquad ] 4.6 million Snapchat phone numbers and usernames leaked

4.6 million Snapchat phone numbers and usernames leaked

http://j.mp/1d9Nt0o (Verge)

    The phone numbers and usernames of more than 4.6 million North
    American Snapchat users have been leaked online. SnapchatDB, an
    unofficial site run by an anonymous individual or group, allows open
    access to two files - one an SQL dump, one CSV text - that show
    details of the photo-sharing app's users alongside their location.
    The final two digits of phone numbers have been censored "to minimize
    spam and abuse," but SnapchatDB says people should "feel free" to
    contact it for the uncensored database, as it may release it under
    certain circumstances. Usernames are presented unedited, and
    SnapchatDB notes that "people tend to use the same username around the
    web." Those that download the information, it says, can try to "find
    phone number information associated with Facebook and Twitter
    accounts, or simply to figure out the phone numbers of people you wish
    to get in touch with."

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