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[ NNSquad ] Middle Ground on NSA

Middle Ground on NSA

http://j.mp/1lPC4HK  (Guardian)

   "But the success of TAO demonstrates a viable alternative. And if the
    NSA has any legitimate role in intelligence gathering, targeted
    operations like TAO have the significant advantage that they leave the
    rest of us - and the systems we rely on - alone."

 - - -

Matt Blaze appears to be endorsing the view I've been expressing for
quite some time on this matter. We should be working to make
opportunistic, mass surveillance as difficult, time-consuming, and
expensive as possible -- since it normally involves the communications
of innocent parties. Targeted surveillance -- under proper supervision
and oversight -- still has an important, legitimate role to play in a
dangerous world, and is largely intractable from a technical
standpoint in any case, given the wide variety of attack vectors
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