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[ NNSquad ] FISA court doesn't want privacy advocate, telcos don't want mandated data retention

FISA court doesn't want privacy advocate, telcos don't want mandated
data retention

http://j.mp/1eRDShc  (AP)

    Liability is a key concern for phone companies, which could be sued if
    hackers or others were able to gain unauthorized access to the
    records. Under the Patriot Act, which governs the NSA's phone
    collection program, the phone companies are free of legal
    responsibility for disclosing customer records to the government in
    counterterrorism investigations. Industry lawyers say similar
    protections could be broadened to cover phone companies holding
    customer data for the NSA, but it's unclear whether Congress would
    pass them.  A former top NSA lawyer and Bush administration national
    security official who has represented phone firms, Stewart Baker, said
    Congress only grudgingly granted legal protections to the phone
    companies in the immediate years after the 9/11 attacks.  "The phone
    companies were seared by their experience in Congress and can't be
    enthusiastic about a return engagement," Baker said.  Even with
    broader legal protections, the companies would expect to cope with a
    surge in demands for business records from local prosecutors, private
    lawyers, insurance firms and others. Companies already retain some
    customer records, but the duration of their storage and the kinds of
    records they keep vary. While T-Mobile keeps records for seven to 10
    years, according to a recent Senate Commerce Committee study, other
    major firms - including Verizon, US Cellular and Sprint - keep them
    less than two years.

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