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[ NNSquad ] USA Today calls for reclassification of broadband Internet as common carrier

USA Today calls for reclassification of broadband Internet as common carrier

http://j.mp/1cFtqGE  (USA Today)

   "But this is something different. This is entrenched providers
    cherry-picking the parts of the Internet that generate large amounts
    of revenue and imposing themselves as toll collectors on the
    information superhighway.  By forcing content providers into bidding
    wars for preferred access on limited pipelines, they would drive up
    costs to consumers while turning the Internet into something more like
    cable television and less like the ingenious open platform that it has
    been. Fights like the one that has prompted DirecTV to dump The
    Weather Channel could become more commonplace.  There is a simple way
    to prevent this. The court clearly stated that the FCC could continue
    its net-neutrality policies if it reverses its decision from the 1990s
    to not treat broadband as a common carrier, as it had with traditional
    telephone service.  That decision, which looks hopelessly naive in
    retrospect, was based on a belief that the broadband industry would be
    much more competitive than it has turned out. In large swaths of the
    country, consumers have no more than one viable option."

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