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[ NNSquad ] Think your Internet blows? Try $300 for 3Mbps DSL and a data cap

Think your Internet blows? Try $300 for 3Mbps DSL and a data cap

http://j.mp/KzAMFf  (Ars Technica)

   "The East Buchanan Telephone Cooperative (EBTC) offers DSL Internet at
    sub-broadband download speeds for up to $300 a month, and it imposes
    data caps with overages of $5 per gigabyte. As detailed on the
    company's website, service starts at $24.95 for 5GB per month and
    moves up to $44.95 per month for 10GB, $179.95 for 50GB, and $299.95
    for 100GB. Regardless of which plan you choose, going over your cap
    brings a charge of $5 more per gigabyte."

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