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[ NNSquad ] Like mobsters dividing turf, the giant ISPs talk about dividing up the country into fiefdoms

Like mobsters dividing turf, the giant ISPs talk about dividing up the
country into fiefdoms

Comcast and Charter want to split up Time Warner's cable markets

http://j.mp/1d5gPN1  (Ars Technica)

    Comcast and Charter are working out a deal in which Charter would
    acquire Time Warner Cable (TWC) and then sell some of those assets to
    Comcast.  Previously, Charter offered to buy Time Warner for $61.3
    billion or $37.3 billion excluding TWC's debt. Time Warner management
    rejected the amount, but Charter is attempting to push an acquisition
    through by appealing to shareholders.  Today, Bloomberg reported that
    Comcast "is near a deal to buy New York City, North Carolina, and New
    England cable assets from Charter Communications Inc. if shareholders
    approve Charter's takeover bid for Time Warner Cable Inc."

 - - -

In most industries, this sort of activity would be viewed as illegal
restraint of trade. That these firms are so openly talking about
divvying up the universe of captive Internet users (that's you and 
me -- though these companies are clearly interested in our dollar value
only, not in providing robust Internet services per say) is not only
shameful, but a vivid illustration of how the U.S. Internet access
industry has become an effective monopoly in all but name. They sound
like mobsters splitting up cities for numbers rackets, prostitution,
and heroin sales. Disgraceful.

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