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[ NNSquad ] Why Free Marketeers Want To Regulate the Internet

Why Free Marketeers Want To Regulate the Internet

(James J Heaney): http://www.jamesjheaney.com/2014/09/15/why-free-marketeers-want-to-regulate-the-internet/

    "Given that narrative, it seems odd for a conservative - whether an
     old-guard big-business Bush-era conservative or a new-guard Paulite
     libertarian conservative - to support Net Neutrality.  Except I do
     Internet for a living, and I am one of the lucky ones who actually
     knows what Net Neutrality means and what it's responding to.  And,
     folks, I'm afraid that, while L. Gordon Crovitz and Rich Lowry are
     great pundits with a clear understanding of how Washington and the
     economy work, they don't seem to understand how the Internet works,
     which has led them to some wrong conclusions."
        -- James J. Heaney

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