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[ NNSquad ] "Sonic.net implements DNSSEC, performs MITM against customers. Are they legally liable?"

"Sonic.net implements DNSSEC, performs MITM against customers. Are they
legally liable?"

(Gname): http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.encryption.general/21150

    > Sonic implemented and deployed DNSSEC - and put it on their shiny
    > new servers along with an 'RBZ service' that censors supposed malware
    > and phishing sites.  And while they told their customers about
    > DNSSEC, they didn't mention the 'RBZ service.'
    > They didn't get prior informed consent from their customers.  In fact
    > they didn't inform their customers, beyond quietly putting up a few
    > mentions on webpages their customers normally have no reason to look
    > at.
    > They didn't provide a click-through link enabling customers to get the
    > content anyway.
    > And they diverted traffic to a page that does not mention who is doing
    > the diversion, how, or why, or how to opt out.
    > Black hats immediately found a way to get sites they dislike onto
    > the list of supposed malware and phishing sites.
    > Among the blocked sites:
    >   Local democratic party campaigners (first post).
    >   Financial services and markets - at a crucial time. (page 4).
    >   Software development sites (apparently some devs use the same
    >      utility network libraries used by malware devs, so the
    >      unknown-because-todays-compilation executables have code
    >      in common with known malware and aren't on the whitelist...)

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