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[ NNSquad ] Prices Add Up With a la Carte TV

Prices Add Up With a la Carte TV

(WSJ): http://online.wsj.com/news/article_email/prices-add-up-with-a-la-carte-tv-1413501679-lMyQjAxMTA0ODEwNzAxODc4Wj

    "With HBO and CBS planning stand-alone streaming services, the
     oft-maligned pay-TV bundle has begun to loosen. But it's not clear the
     brave new streaming world that replaces it will actually be cheaper
     for consumers."

 - - -

In fact, my biggest concern with a la carte pricing has always been
that it could lead to the demise of some of the most interesting
specialty channels that have small viewerships but have existed via
subsidies from the much larger channels. The specter of ending up with
nothing but premium movie and sports channels is very real. And the
pricing for a la carte -- as this article notes -- could be pretty
awful. $5.99/mo just for a partial feed of CBS? Ridiculous.

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