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[ NNSquad ] Taco Bell Goes Mobile Stupid (and Maybe Illegal?)

Taco Bell Goes Mobile Stupid (and maybe Illegal?)

Taco Bell -- whom I routinely avoid patronizing to avoid unwanted
side-effects after eating -- appears for the moment at least to be
demonstrating stupidity on the Web as well as upset in the gut.

If you visit www.tacobell.com currently, you'll be greeted with
nothing but a page telling you they're no longer "on the Internet"
[idiots!] -- but now only accessible via iOS and Android apps. The
page appears to have no other obvious links except to those app

Apparently no corporate contact info. No place to look up nutrition
data or file complaints. No privacy policy. If any of those are hidden
somewhere, they're not obvious.

Is this for real? A short term publicity stunt? A demented clown
taking over Taco Bell IT? 

And while I won't speculate on the details here, it also seems possible
that Taco Bell is in violation of law in some interesting ways by doing
this as well -- gotta research that a bit more.

But even if it's all legal, it's also something else.

It's one of the most stupid, lamebrain, anti-consumer stunts I've
ever seen pulled by any food chain.

You couldn't pay me to eat there.

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