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[ NNSquad ] The video of Sharyl Attkisson getting "hacked" actually just shows a stuck delete key

The video of Sharyl Attkisson getting "hacked" actually just shows a
stuck delete key

(VOX): http://www.vox.com/2014/10/31/7140247/the-right-is-convinced-obama-hacked-sharyl-attkisson-over-benghazi

   "The book is in the news this week because it details what Attkisson
    describes as hacking attacks on her computer. She presents the
    evidence in such a way as to strongly imply that the Obama
    administration ordered her computer hacked as retribution for her
    critical reporting. On Friday, Attkisson released a video of the
    central allegation in her book. But it turns out that what the video
    actually appears to show is not sophisticated US government hacking,
    but a stuck delete key, and a former reporter with breathtakingly poor
    computer literacy."

 - - -

The jokes write themselves on this one ...

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