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[ NNSquad ] Obama tells the FCC to implement real net neutrality. And he's serious.

Obama tells the FCC to implement real net neutrality. And he's serious.

(Gigaom): https://gigaom.com/2014/11/10/obama-tells-the-fcc-to-implement-real-net-neutrality-and-hes-serious/

   "Proving himself the policy nerd who pundits deride, President Obama
    has issued a comprehensive statement on network neutrality that covers
    all of the points left uncovered in his generic praise for the policy
    a few weeks back. The president is calling for the FCC to implement
    Title II rules from the Telecommunications Act of 1934, which is what
    the ISPs view as the nuclear option when it comes to network
    neutrality rules. Such rules would seek to prevent ISPs from blocking
    or slowing lawful content on both their last mile networks and at
    interconnection points. The president also called for network
    neutrality rules to apply to wireless networks, something that the
    original Open Internet Order from 2010 didn't even do. These are some
    pretty big calls for actions, and so far the ISPs aren't impressed."

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"...the ISP's aren't impressed ..." [cue world's smallest violin]

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