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[ NNSquad ] more on police video cams and records requests

A point that really needs to be emphasized here is that much of the
video captured by these systems is *inside* private homes, where
police enter in the most devastating of circumstances -- adults and
children sick, injured and bloody, vomiting, naked -- and worse. These
may be completely innocent parties, because police can enter homes in
a wide range of circumstances including perceived emergencies
triggered by 911 calls (real or fake) or other events. If you've ever
known a cop or EMS tech well, their stories are horrors.

It doesn't take much imagination at all to see how such vids of
innocent persons in their homes could be exploited by the police as
unlimited duration investigatory tools -- or nightmarishly exploited
by unscrupulous members of the public for the purposes of financial
gain both direct or via extortion, or just to destroy lives for the
"fun" of it.

If police body cams are to be practical in the long term, we have
to solve these dilemmas, and fast.

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